Boris Johnson Has Lost The Brexit Game, Only Escape Is To Resign

According to senior fellow at Stanford University Niall Ferguson, Boris Johnson the current prime minister of Britain has no alternative left before him except to resign as he has lost. There is already immense pressure on Mr. Johnson to complete formalities of Brexit within 55 days followed by political uncertainty within the country.

According to Steve Sedgwick of Italy’s Ambrosetti Forum, Johnson does not have any other alternative than to resign as he is simply biding his time and power has shifted to House of Commons. Rebel lawmakers from Conservative parties and a strong alliance of opposition political parties have managed to gain absolute control over lower house of parliament. They could push Johnson to seek another extension to Brexit though he has in the past vowed not to ask for another extension of the deadline.

Brexit remains a contentious issue among British citizens and politicians and is not likely to get resolved soon as even after three years of intense debate it continues to be a hot debate topic. Now as the nation is on the verge of an election the only two options available are to accept a no-deal Brexit arrangement or to abandon the idea of exiting from European Union. Johnson’s supporters are diminishing rapidly as this week his brother stated that he was resigning from his cabinet post as it clashed with family loyalty and national interest.

This chaos has led to spurt in Sterling’s value as it hit a peak of $1.2353 due to hopes that UK would be likely to stay within the EU. Earlier during the week it had fallen to three year low on fears that Britain would leave EU without a deal. Ferguson stated that if the opposition parties along with opponents inside Tory party remain united against Johnson then he would be left with no other alternative except to resign.